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Married FBI Agent in Jefferson Case Had An Affair With Key Witness and Other FBI Agents


By Allan Lengel

A married FBI agent who had an affair with a key government witness in the corruption case of ex-Rep. William Jefferson, was also having affairs with female FBI agents and was under internal investigation, according to court and FBI documents.

A court document unsealed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va. on Monday, revealed that the Office of Professional Responsibility had launched an internal probe as a result of a document prepared by the married FBI agent John Guandolo.

The document. which amounted to a list of marital indiscretions, was discovered by the superiors of Guandolo, who resigned in December.  The court papers did not specify why Guandolo had drawn up the list.

Guandolo’s document, according to court records, “detailed his affairs with female FBI agents” and also indicated that he “had an intimate relationship with a confidential source he thought could damage an investigation….”

The document, according to court records, did not disclose the name of the confidential source. But shortly before trial in June, authorities learned that the confidential source was wealthy Virginia investor Lori Mody, who wore a wire as part of the FBI sting targeting Congressman Jefferson. He was convicted of 11 of 16 public corruption charges.

Guandolo posed as Mody’s chauffeur during the sting.

Kate Schweit, a spokeswoman for the FBI Washington field office, said Tuesday night: “We’ll let the documents stand, we couldn’t comment any further.”

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Fed Prosecutors Won’t Seek Death Penalty in Fatal Shooting of Pitts. FBI Agent Sam Hicks

FBI Agent Sam Hicks

FBI Agent Sam Hicks

By Allan Lengel

Federal prosecutors filed notice Tuesday saying they won’t seek the death penalty in the Nov. 14 slaying of Pittsburgh FBI agent Sam Hicks.

In a three-paragraph filing in U.S. District Court, assistant U.S. Attorney Troy Rivetti in Pittsburg said the office would not seek the penalty against Christina Korbe, who is charged with fatally shooting Hicks as he and other law enforcement agents entered her home to execute a drug-related arrest warrant for her husband.

Korbe claims that she thought  her home was being invaded by intruders. Authorities insist she knew that Hicks and others were law enforcement officers.

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Secret Service Found Drunk Boris Yeltsin in Underwear Hailing Cab for Pizza

Secret Service agents have seen a lot of history. This is one drop of history that was apparently kept secret for a long time. Yelstin in all likelihood probably had a little too much vodka. And what better way to take the edge off of a vodka binge than with a good slice of pizza.

Boris Yeltsin with Clinton/bbc photo
PIZZA ANYONE? Boris Yeltsin with Clinton/bbc photo

Tim Reid
The Times of London
WASHINGTON — Boris Yeltsin got so drunk during a 1995 visit to Washington that Secret Service agents found him a few hundred feet from the White House clad only in his underwear and trying to hail a cab – because, he explained, he wanted a pizza.

The encounter and near international incident involving the former Russian President was revealed yesterday in a new oral history of Bill Clinton’s presidency, based on 79 taped interviews between Mr Clinton and the historian Taylor Branch during late-night visits to the White House.

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In Gotti Case, Feds Figure: If You Don’t Succeed Try Try Try Again

The feds haven’t given up on putting John Gotti Jr. away for life. Three previous trials resulted in mistrials. Can they succeed this time?

John Gotti Jr./

John Gotti Jr./

By The Associated Press
NEW YORK – The fourth racketeering trial of John “Junior” Gotti began yesterday with the government portraying the mob heir as a maniacal killer and chronic criminal who has dodged prison by intimidating witnesses and obstructing justice.

Gotti’s lawyer, Charles Carnesi, tried to debunk that picture by telling a jury in US District Court in Manhattan that federal prosecutors have assembled a cast of mob killers trying to win leniency for their crimes by testifying that Gotti ordered assaults and murders.

Carnesi said Gotti, 45, never had anything to do with killings in the late 1980s and early 1990s of two drug dealers, despite claims of the witnesses, including one who could have faced the death penalty if convicted of charges he faced before he began cooperating.

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NY Daily News Reports Prime Terror Suspect Was “Hell-Bent on Murderous Mayhem”

So far, as this unravels, it seems to be the real deal. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies should get kudos for work on this case.


BY Alison Gendar, James Gordon Meek, John Marzulli, Rocco Parascandola and Corky Siemaszko
New York Daily News
NEW YORK –– Detectives were combing Queens storage facilities on Monday for stockpiled explosive chemicals that Al Qaeda terror thugs planned to use to bomb New York, sources said.

At the same time, the Daily News has learned that prime terror suspect Najibullah Zazi has confessed he was a jihadist hell-bent on murderous mayhem, the sources said.

NYPD investigators, in coordination with the FBI, hit chemical and fertilizer companies looking for customers who bought bulk and paid cash – and they were also showing up at storage centers in Long Island City.

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Texas Trooper Shot and Wounded While Helping FBI Serve WarrantT


By Allan Lengel

A Texas state trooper was shot and wounded late Monday night while helping FBI agents serve a federal warrant at an apartment on the south side of Dallas, the Associated Press reported.

The exact condition of the trooper was not immediately released, but AP reported that he was conscious just before being taken to Baylor University Medical Center.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said the trooper was providing backup for the FBI around 10 p.m. when shots rang out, the AP reported.

The incident happened across from the Dallas Veterans Affairs Hospital near Texas 342 and Loop 12.

Ex-NBA Player Testifies Against a Philly Cop Who Was Best Man at His Wedding

nba-logo_1From the basketball court to the more serious court — federal court — ex-NBA player Jerome Richardson had one of those very painful moments in life when he had to turn on a very very close friend in a very public way.

By Joseph A. Slobodzian
Philadelphia Inquirer
PHILADELPHIA — After 10 years on the courts of the NBA, former Los Angeles Clippers point guard Jerome “Pooh” Richardson yesterday found himself in the worst venue ever.

He was on the witness stand, testifying for the prosecution, and across the federal courtroom was the defendant: his lifelong friend and the best man at his wedding, Rickie Durham.

Richardson was called to testify about an early-morning phone call he received on Aug. 10, 2005, from Durham – a Philadelphia police narcotics officer – warning him of an impending drug raid.

Richardson, living in Los Angeles, was not the subject of the raid. Rather, federal agents in Philadelphia were just three hours from a 6 a.m. raid on East Coast drug kingpin Alton “Ace Capone” Coles, who was living with Richardson’s sister Asya in Mullica Hill.

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Feds Tie As Many as a Dozen to Suspected al Qaeda Bomb Plot

Federal authorities had hoped to wait to bust these guys once they started to look like they were actually kicking things in gear. But leaks forced them to act quicker. It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.


By Josh Meyer and Tina Susman
Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON — Federal authorities have tied as many as a dozen people to a suspected Al Qaeda-linked bomb plot on U.S. soil as they continue to gather evidence to indict on terrorism charges the young Afghan immigrant at the center of the case, law enforcement officials said Monday.

Authorities said that they did not know the exact number of potential suspects or many of their identities, but that they had been connected through electronic intercepts, surveillance, seized evidence and interviews.

A federal law enforcement official and others, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the high level of secrecy surrounding the investigation, said the suspects appeared concentrated in the New York area, with possibly others in the suspect’s home state of Colorado and elsewhere.

Of particular interest are several individuals that Najibullah Zazi, 24, had met or communicated with on a trip to New York two weeks ago.

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