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Not Everyone Wants to Serve Up Justice in Mobster Gotti Case

By Allan Lengel

John Gotti Jr./trutv.com [1]

John Gotti Jr./trutv.com

It seems everyone wants justice. It’s just that not everyone wants to be the one to serve it up.

The Guardian newspaper [2] of London reports that earlier this week seven jurors in the trial of mobster John Gotti Jr. made a last minute appeal to get off the jury. The judge denied it and swore them in.

The feds are hoping to put Gotti Jr. away for life, just like they did his dad, the “Dapper Don”. The son is accused of racketeering and murder and all things mobsters do to run an enterprise.

This is Gotti’s fourth trial in five years. The other three trials ended in a mistrial.

The Guardian reported that when Gotti showed up for jury selection last week, he remarked: “Good morning. I am John Gotti. Here I am again.”