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September 2009


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Married FBI Agent in Jefferson Case Had An Affair With Key Witness and Other FBI Agents


By Allan Lengel

A married FBI agent who had an affair with a key government witness in the corruption case of ex-Rep. William Jefferson, was also having affairs with female FBI agents and was under internal investigation, according to court and FBI documents.

A court document unsealed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va. on Monday, revealed that the Office of Professional Responsibility had launched an internal probe as a result of a document prepared by the married FBI agent John Guandolo.

The document. which amounted to a list of marital indiscretions, was discovered by the superiors of Guandolo, who resigned in December.  The court papers did not specify why Guandolo had drawn up the list.

Guandolo’s document, according to court records, “detailed his affairs with female FBI agents” and also indicated that he “had an intimate relationship with a confidential source he thought could damage an investigation….”

The document, according to court records, did not disclose the name of the confidential source. But shortly before trial in June, authorities learned that the confidential source was wealthy Virginia investor Lori Mody, who wore a wire as part of the FBI sting targeting Congressman Jefferson. He was convicted of 11 of 16 public corruption charges.

Guandolo posed as Mody’s chauffeur during the sting.

Kate Schweit, a spokeswoman for the FBI Washington field office, said Tuesday night: “We’ll let the documents stand, we couldn’t comment any further.”

The affair was kept under seal until Monday when Judge T.S. Ellis III ruled against granting the defense a new trial. The defense asked for one partly based on the affair.

According to a court document, Mody “rebuffed 2-3 advances by Mr. Guandolo, including one in which she characterized as inappropriately aggressive, but that she later had consensual intercourse with Mr. Guandolo on two occasions in approximately May 2005.”

“Ms. Mody also related that Mr. Guandolo solicited her to make donations to anti-terrorism organizations, including ” $75.000 to one organization. “Ms. Mody declined.”

“Since being informed of Ms. Mody’s statement regarding former agent Guandolo, the undersigned have learned that Mr. Guandolo resigned from the FBI on or about Dec. 1, 2008. ”

The court document said that FBI agents interviewed Guandolo on June 6, 2009 and he confirmed that he and Mody had sexual relations for a couple months.

Prosecutors in the court document said they had no intention of calling Guandolo as a witness and he played a “very limited role in the case” since he simply “posed as Ms. Mody’s driver and security provider.”

Mody was also mysteriously not called as a witness during trial.

An FBI document said that “Guandolo expressed deep remorse for his actions and expressed hope that his personal failings would not have an effect on the substantive criminal case.”

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