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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for August 25th, 2009

Inmate Sends Anthrax Threat to Assist. U.S. Atty Who Prosecuted Him

US MailBy Allan Lengel

You can accuse John Philip Barker of a crime, but don’t ever accuse him of being overly smart.

Barker, 47, has been charged with mailing a white powder letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney David Smith of Kansas City, Ks., who had just prosecuted him for mailing an anthrax threat to the IRS, authorities said.

Interestingly, a criminal complaint says that Barker spelled anthrax wrong — he spelled it “antrax” — in the first letter to the IRS and the second one to the prosecutor.

The letter to the prosecutor read:


An FBI affidavit said the letter Barker sent to the prosecutor also contained his name and address of his prison on the return address. The powder was harmless.

Barker was sentenced on Aug. 10 in the IRS mailing to one year and a day in federal prison.

Read Criminal Complaint and FBI Affidavit


FBI Dir. Robert Mueller Speaks About the Changing Face of the FBI


In FBI Press Release: Cases That Can’t be Discussed Are More Impressive Than the Ones that Can

istock_000000378393xsmall23By Allan Lengel

WASHINGTON — FBI officials often stop short of talking about potential terrorist plots they’ve managed to head off, citing  security concerns.

Unfortunately, what they can say isn’t always as impressive as what they can’t.

Take this week’s press release entitled: “FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate Recent Accomplishments” . Sounds  intriguing. Exciting.

“We are unrelenting in our efforts to protect the American people from weapons of mass destruction,” says Dr. Vahid Majidi, assistant director, Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate in the press release. “Whether it is a threatening letter filled with “powder” to investigating a major radiological incident….”

But the release falls short of our imagination. It mentions several cases in which people mailed harmless powder or made threats to judges. No al Qaeda. No jihads. A little disappointing.

Paul Bresson, an FBI spokesman, said the release was meant to show “if anything, law enforcement is paying attention to all threats including those in the end that turnout not to (involve) threatening substances.” He said those threats can seem very real to the people who receive the fake powder.

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FBI Increases Focus on Florida in Hunt for Boston Gangster Whitey Bulger

Could it be tough-guy James “Whitey” Bulger is hanging out in Florida with the geriatric set, going to “early bird” specials at restaurants,downing multi-colored Jello? As he approaches his 80th birthday, the FBI is getting more tips that he’s hanging out in Florida.

Whitey Bulger/fbi age adjusted photo
Whitey Bulger/fbi age adjusted photo

By Shelley Murphy
Boston Globe Staff
BOSTON — The hunt for fugitive South Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger has increasingly focused on Florida over the past year because the FBI has received numerous tips that the elderly gangster was spotted throughout that state, according to the FBI.

“We’re getting an increase in leads coming from Florida,” FBI Agent Richard Teahan, who coordinates the multi-agency Bulger Task Force, told reporters during a press briefing today at the FBI’s Boston office.

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U.S. Flying Illegal Immigrants Back to Mexico


For the sixth straight summer, the U.S. has been running these flights. And in all likelihood these flights don’t charge extra for checking in luggage.

Associated Press Writer
PHOENIX –– Immigration authorities are flying illegal immigrants deep into their native Mexico from Southern Arizona to discourage dangerous crossings in triple-digit desert heat.

The twice-daily flights from Tucson to Mexico City are intended to keep immigrants away from border towns where they would likely run into smugglers who want to sneak them back into the U.S.

“This is where the probability of losing their lives can really increase. We offer that opportunity for them to get out of that cycle,” John Torres, a special adviser to the assistant secretary of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Monday in Tucson.

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Ex-FBI Clerk Margaret “Marjorie” Cannon Who Married FBI Agent Dead at Age 94

fbi-logoBy Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Margaret “Marjorie” Cannon, 94, a homemaker and a former FBI clerk who was married to an FBI agent, died in Burtonsville, Md., on Aug. 23, the Washington Post reported.

The long-time District resident died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease, the paper reported.

In 1942, she joined the FBI as a clerk in the Washington Field Office and was eventually promoted to assistant chief clerk, the paper said. In 1951, she married FBI agent Joseph R. Canon, who later on became a Justice Department attorney.

A few years later, she became a homemaker, the paper reported. When he husband died in 1973, she took an she took an administrative job for two years with Riggs National Bank in Tenleytown neighborhood in Upper Northwest Washington before retiring, the Washington Post reported.

Gun Allegedly Used in Jimmy Hoffa Death Turned Over to FBI

hoffaThere have been so many promising leads and theories that have gone nowhere in one of the great mysteries of the 20th Century. This one looks pretty shaky.

By Paul Egan
The Detroit News
HARTLAND TOWNSHIP — A family member of a late Teamsters official has turned over to the FBI a handgun that an ex-convict claims was used to kill former union boss James R. Hoffa, an author of a book about Hoffa said Monday.

The ex-con, Ted Lee Stall, 60, also claims he witnessed the burial of Hoffa at a farm in Hartland Township in the weeks after the former Teamsters boss disappeared from outside the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Township in July 1975.

But the Genesee County prosecutor describes Stall as “a serial flim-flam artist.”

And Dan Moldea of Washington, D.C., author of “The Hoffa Wars,” said: “The longer I dealt with this guy, it became clear that his credibility was completely suspect.”

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5 Men in One of the Largest Armored Car Heists in U.S. History Get Serious Time

The upside is they got to spend some of the moneyarmored-car. The downside is they’re off to the joint. Fair trade off? Hardly.

Associated Press Writer
COLUMBIA, S.C. — Five young men who staged one of the largest armored car heists in U.S. history, then spent their loot on strippers, Mother’s Day gifts and other luxuries were denied pleas for mercy Monday and ordered to spend at least 25 years in prison.

Calling the $9.8 million robbery an unjustifiable crime, South Carolina judge Michelle Childs sentenced three of the men to at least 25 years each in prison for armed robbery, kidnapping, assault and battery, and conspiracy. A fourth man was sentenced to three years for conspiracy, and the judge refused to reduce 25-year sentences for two others convicted.

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