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June 2009


How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Retirees Returning to Fed Agencies Would Not Lose Income Under Legislation

cash2First off, the mandatory retirement age of 57 for agencies like the FBI is silly. A 57 year old today is surely capable of carrying on duties and contributing to an agency. Joe Davidson of the Washington Post reports that the Senate may vote on legislation that would allow agencies to rehire retirees without having them lose retirement income, a bill that would benefit the agencies like the FBI and DEA.

By Joe Davidson
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Before James J. Cameron Jr. retired after 34 years with the federal government, he served as a law enforcement officer with Customs, the Border Patrol and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Now he’d like to serve his country again. But he doesn’t want to lose money doing it.

Like other retired federal employees, Cameron, 67, faces a quandary when thinking about hitching up for another ride with Uncle Sam. If they go back to government work, their salaries would be cut by the amount of their pension.

“I would not consider taking part-time work if I had to have a reduced annuity,” said Cameron, who now lives in New Portland, Maine, after postings in eight cities around the country.

If he found work outside the federal sector, with a local police department for example, his federal annuity would not shrink.

The Senate may vote this week on legislation that includes a provision allowing Uncle Sam to rehire retirees like Cameron without making them lose some of their retirement income.

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