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Friends of FBI Agent Paul Sorce Sing His Praises

FBI Agent Paul Sorce

FBI Agent Paul Sorce

FBI Agent Paul Sorce had his fair share of fans in Detroit. Here’s just a sampling:

Greg Stejskal, former FBI agent in charge of the Ann Arbor office said:
Paul was on the SWAT team with me, & we worked together on several cases. Paul had a reputation as a hard working & reliable agent. The kind of guy you want with you when you’re going through a door to make an arrest. He was also a tenacious investigator. I am proud to have known & worked with him.

Terry Booth, a former Detroit FBI Agent had this to say:

“I worked violent crimes with Paul Sorce for 11 years. Paul was a very well liked Agent who had a passion for his job, locking up violent offenders. Paul had the ability to work with all law enforcement agencies. Paul played football in college and coached his church’s football team, thus his nickname “Coach.”

Paul will be really missed.”

Comments written on website about FBI Agent Paul Sorce.

Comment from stan | [e]
Time March 9, 2009 at 7:10 pm

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Paul for several years and he was a true professional who cared about others and wanted to make a difference in a troubled community. He will be missed-may God bless him!

Comment from gq | [e]
Time March 9, 2009 at 8:02 pm

I to had the pleasure of working with Paul “Coach” Sorce at Detroit’s Violent Crime Task Force. Never have I worked with a man of his character and commitment to his God, his Country and his Family. I will miss him as will the City of Detroit.

Comment from Scott | [e]
Time March 9, 2009 at 11:04 pm

I was and am honored to call Paul my friend and my partner. We were partnered together in Milwaukee’s VCFTF back in the ’90’s and I could not have asked for a better partner! Paul was a special man, filled with compassion, who loved his work, but more importantly loved his family. He was GOOD at what he did, and cared about the people we came into contact with every day. Paul and I taught one another many things during our time together and I will be forever grateful for our time together.
“Greater Love Hath No Man Than To Lay Down His Life For Others” – – GOD BLESS YOU PAUL, Shellie & I will miss you!

The Tough Ex-Secret Service Guy Who’s Going to Watch Our Money

Let’s just say if this guy’s no-nonsense looking mug is any indication of his toughness, we’re in good shape. This is a Herculean task.

Earl E. Devaney/gov photo

Earl E. Devaney/gov photo

New York Times
WASHINGTON – There is an alligator head in Earl E. Devaney’s office, with a tiny camera concealed inside. The covert pictures it snapped in a Louisiana bayou caught an Interior Department official on a fishing trip he had accepted as a bribe, but today the stuffed gator lives on as a toothy deterrent to corruption.

“When an assistant secretary comes in and asks about it, I tell that story and they get a little unnerved,” said Mr. Devaney, the inspector general for the Interior Department and the man President Obama has chosen to police the spending of the $787 billion stimulus package.

In 38 years of government service, Mr. Devaney, a hulking former college football lineman and Secret Service man, has been unnerving would-be miscreants. But now the Big Man, as Mr. Devaney’s colleagues call him, is taking on an incomparably bigger job, tracking a sum 50 times the agency’s annual budget as chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board – or as the irresistible acronym has it, RAT Board.

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Mexican President Calderon Says U.S. Consumer is Fueling Narco Trafficking

President Felipe Calderon

President Felipe Calderon

The French newspaper Le Monde sat down this week with the Mexican president for a Q and A. The president blamed President Bush for easing gun restrictions and said the American consumer was helping his country’s drug trade. It’s hard to argue over those points.

By Jean Pierre-Langellier and Joelle Stolz
Le Monde

Le Monde: Concerning the battle against drug trafficking, you said:

“It’s them or us!” One minister mentioned the possibility that the next Mexican president could be a “Narco.” Has the government lost control over a part of the country?

Mexican President Felipe Calderon: Of course not. Our efforts are specifically targeted to preserve the government’s authority, that is, its monopoly on the use of force, and also the authority of the law in the face of a phenomenon, which, it is true, had begun to spread to different regions. But there is not a single spot of national territory that eludes the government’s complete control. And we’ve preserved that control because we’ve acted in time and with great resolve.

Organized crime exerts pressure on the political authorities by cooptation, corruption and intimidation. There was a certain influence at the local and municipal level. Intervening now has allowed us to avoid having criminal action affect a higher echelon.

Who’s Responsible?

Rather than pointing out who’s to blame, it’s better to assume one’s responsibilities. Let’s talk about the causes. The first is the American consumer. If the United States were not the biggest drug market in the world, we wouldn’t have this problem.

And there’s also the arms trade. In two years, we’ve seized 33,000 weapons, 18,000 of them high caliber, rocket launchers, thousands of grenades, devices able to pierce armor plating. Now the overwhelming majority of this materiel had been purchased in the United States, including materiel which is the exclusive property of the American Army. In 2004, (the Bush administration) lifted the prohibition that had previously been in place against the sale of these very dangerous weapons.

There is another factor: the cartels’ modus operandi has changed. Before, they only transported drugs to the United States. Today, and this is a substantial change, they are trying to develop a domestic market and so need to control the territory and the life of entire communities.

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Editorial: New Orleans Paper Urges Obama to Keep U.S. Atty. Jim Letten

U.S. Atty. Jim Letten

U.S. Atty. Jim Letten

By New Orleans Times-Picayune

NEW ORLEANS — Residents across metro New Orleans appreciate the value of dedicated public servants like U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.

Under his leadership, the office has kept up a relentless war on public corruption and has helped local law enforcement agencies fight violent crime — particularly in New Orleans.

Those are vital efforts for our recovery, and the best way to ensure their continuity is for President Barack Obama to keep Mr. Letten on the job.

U.S. attorney posts, unfortunately, have generally been viewed as political plums. So whether Mr. Letten stays is in great part up to Louisiana power brokers in the Democratic Party.

Sen. Mary Landrieu, as the state’s senior senator and a Democrat, will have an important role in any decision. She voiced strong support for Mr. Letten in November, calling his work “outstanding” and saying she would meet with Democrats and Republicans about keeping him as U.S. attorney.

That was encouraging. It also was four months ago.

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Kenyan Prez Accepts FBI Offer to Help Investigate Murders of 2 Human Rights Workers

By Allan Lengel

The Guardian newspaper in London is reporting that the Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga has accepted an offer from the FBI to help probe the murders of two human rights workers.

The human rights workers, Oscar Kamau Kingara and Paul Oulo,  who were highly critical of police killings, were shot to death last Thursday when gunmen blocked their car on a street in Nairobi, the paper said. Some have been speculating that police were involved.

“Officers from FBI are engaged to work alongside the Kenya police in carrying out investigations,” the paper quoted the prime minister as saying. “In the perception of the people, police themselves are an accomplice.”

The Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights has called for an independent probe.

FBI Seeks Victims in Stanford Financial Scandal

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — As if we haven’t gotten beaten down enough financially by the crippling economy. We’ve got two princes to help us out: Madoff and  Stanford.

The FBI issued a press release Monday asking for help in putting one of those princes away. The second one is already well on his way to prison.

“Have you invested in the Stanford Financial Group or its affiliated companies in recent years? If so, you may be a victim of a multi-billion dollar investment fraud,” the press release asked.

The release goes on to say that “the Stanford Financial Group, which provides wealth management services to customers in some 140 countries, is under FBI investigation.”

It  mentions that Allen Stanford, chief investment officer, was charged Feb. 26 with obstructing a separate investigation involving the Security and Exchange Commission.

The FBI press release then asks for information from anyone who suspects they’ve been swindled.

The press release says the FBI needs:
* Your basic contact information (name, address, country, telephone numbers, e-mail address);
* Your investments/losses with Stanford Financial Group or its affiliated companies: Stanford Capital Management, the Stanford Group Company, the Stanford International Bank, the Stanford Trust Company, and the Bank of Antigua;
* Whether or not you can verify your investments/losses by providing your most recent financial statements; and
* Any additional information that may be helpful.

Detroit FBI Agent Paul Sorce Killed in Car Crash

Agent Paul Sorce

Agent Paul Sorce

By Allan Lengel

Detroit FBI special agent Paul M. Sorce, an 18-year veteran of the bureau, was killed Monday in a car accident while on duty, the FBI  in Detroit said.

Sorce, 44, was taken to St. John’s Hospital in Detroit, where he passed away, the FBI said.

WXYZ tv in Detroit reported that the agent was driving a minivan that was hit by another car in Harper Woods, a  bordering surburb of Detroit.

Sorce joined the FBI in May 1991. He served in the Milwaukee field office before going to Detroit in 1995, the FBI said.

Congressman Blasts FBI Response to Questions About Islamic Group

Rep. Frank Wolf was a little insulted by the “insufficient” response he got when he asked the FBI about specifics behind its decision to cut off ties to the Islamic group CAIR.  At this point, the FBI can ignore him or reply with a more detailed answer. Thing is, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for the FBI to tick off a Congressman who has been a big supporter of the agency.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism
WASHINGTON — A U.S. Congressman who serves on a committee controlling the FBI’s budget is blasting the Bureau’s response to a set of questions regarding an FBI freeze on contacts with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The Investigative Project on Terrorism reported January 29 that evidence tying CAIR and its founders to a U.S.-based Hamas support network prompted the Bureau to sever routine outreach meetings with the organization. That evidence was part of the government’s prosecution of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which ended in November with the conviction of five former officials on 108 counts.

“[I]f CAIR wishes to pursue an outreach relationship with the FBI, certain issues must be addressed to the satisfaction of the FBI. Unfortunately, these issues cannot be addressed at the local level and must be addressed by the CAIR National Office in Washington, D.C.,” an October letter from Oklahoma City Special Agent in Charge James E. Finch said. Similar letters were issued in other states.

U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, (R-VA), wrote to the FBI on Feb. 2 asking for details about the FBI move. He addressed his questions to Michael Heimbach, an assistant director for the Counter Terrorism Division. Among them: whether there were conditions that could end the freeze, and what were the “certain issues” referenced by Finch that needed to be addressed by CAIR.

FBI spokesman John Miller responded in a four-paragraph letter dated today, but hand-delivered last Friday:

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