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Archive for March 10th, 2009

Mission Support Specialist-Customs & Border Protection

Department: Department Of Homeland Security
Agency: Customs and Border Protection

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Send Mail to:
Minneapolis Hiring Center
Bishop Henry Whipple Bldg
Suite 466
Fort Snelling, MN 55111
Fax: (478)757-44
For questions about this job:
Staffing Team C
Phone: (612)467-7035
Fax: (478)757-3144
USAJOBS Control Number: 1479726

Sector Enforcement Specialist

Customs and Border Protection
Department: Department Of Homeland Security
Agency: Customs and Border Protection
Job Announcement Number:

Overview Duties Qualifications and Evaluation Benefits and other Information How to Apply

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Sector Enforcement Specialist
SALARY RANGE: 26,264.00 – 51,738.00 USD per year OPEN PERIOD: Monday, September 22, 2008
to Monday, September 21, 2009
SERIES & GRADE: GS-1801-05/09 POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time Career/Career Conditional
PROMOTION POTENTIAL: 9 DUTY LOCATIONS: vacancy(s) in one of the following locations:   Many vacancies – Nationwide, US
WHO MAY BE CONSIDERED: United States Citizens
CBP:  Securing America’s Borders

Whether on the frontlines or serving behind the scenes supporting our mission, the men and women of CBP are dedicated to keeping America safe.  CBP counts on them.  Our Nation counts on them.  Can we count on you?

This announcement has been amended to include updated evaluation information, and additional locations. See “Duties” and “Qualifications”section for specific information.

This is an open continuous announcement which will establish an inventory of applicants interested in a career as a Sector Enforcement Specialist with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This applicant inventory will be used to fill vacancies as they occur within the Office of Border Patrol at various locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early in order to maximize their employment opportunities. Applicant selection referral lists will be issued, as needed, for the duration of this announcement. Although this announcement is advertised for multiple organizational components, duty locations, and grade levels, it is not intended to convey any expectation that positions will be filled at all organizational components, duty locations, or grade levels.

You must meet the grade level qualification and eligibility requirements at the time of submission of your application. If your qualifications and eligibility change, you will need to update your responses in the questionnaire and/or resume reflecting those changes; otherwise, you will continue to receive consideration under your original application. Your eligibility will last for 12 months from the submission of your application.

The salary shown above includes the base pay for the lowest grade and the highest step of the highest possible grade.  Salaries vary by grade level and are adjusted for the locality.  The following link displays the locality pay tables by geographic area.

If you do not see your geographic area listed, select the last table listed “Rest of the United States”.

CBP Mission Statement: We safeguard the American homeland at and beyond our borders. We protect the American public against terrorists and the instruments of terror. We steadfastly enforce the laws of the United States while fostering our nation’s economic security through lawful international trade and travel. We serve the American public with vigilance, integrity, and professionalism Discover a challenging and rewarding career in CBP, the sole organization responsible for securing the nation’s borders.  As part of our carefully selected, highly trained team, you’ll leverage state-of-the art technology, innovative strategies and world-wide partnerships to protect our communities and defend our frontier.At U.S. Customs and Border Protection, we

  • Screen passengers, vehicles, and shipments entering our country
  • Seize illegal narcotics, vehicles, and agricultural products
  • Prevent unauthorized entry into the country
  • Rescue individuals who fall into dangerous conditions traversing our border.

For more information about CBP’s mission, activities, and careers, please visit our web site,

Who May Apply: All US Citizens. If you are a status candidate, you may also apply through VIN 209898

Organizational Location: Positions will be filled within Customs and Border Protection, Office of Border Patrol, in various locations throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

For a list of all possible locations, see the “Duties” section.

Relocation Expenses: Relocation expenses will not be paid.

Relocation Information: To compare cost of living data, calculate mortgage scenarios, or gather information on communities and school districts, please visit the website:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Background Security Investigation
  • Residency Requirement

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Update on Traffic Death of FBI Agent Paul Sorce

Paul Sorce was a popular agent in Detroit. It was a sad ending to a promising career.

Detroit Free Press
DETROIT — A Detroit FBI agent who dedicated years to coaching youth football in the area, died Monday after his Chevrolet Trailblazer rolled over on Vernier in Harper Woods.

Special Agent Paul Sorce, 44, died a few hours after the accident, which occurred about noon.

Sorce, married and a father of four, was heading east on Vernier when a Dodge Magnum, driven by an unidentified Grosse Pointe Woods man, came out of a turnaround to go east on Vernier, Harper Woods Police Chief Randolph Skotarczyk said.

Sorce was taken to St. John Hospital in Detroit. The driver of the Magnum said he only had minor injuries and declined to be taken to a hospital, police said.

Harper Woods police are conducting a joint investigation with the Michigan State Police to determine the cause of the accident. There is no indication that drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident, police said.
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Read About Funeral Arrangements


Friends of FBI Agent Paul Sorce Sing His Praises

FBI Agent Paul Sorce

FBI Agent Paul Sorce

FBI Agent Paul Sorce had his fair share of fans in Detroit. Here’s just a sampling:

Greg Stejskal, former FBI agent in charge of the Ann Arbor office said:
Paul was on the SWAT team with me, & we worked together on several cases. Paul had a reputation as a hard working & reliable agent. The kind of guy you want with you when you’re going through a door to make an arrest. He was also a tenacious investigator. I am proud to have known & worked with him.

Terry Booth, a former Detroit FBI Agent had this to say:

“I worked violent crimes with Paul Sorce for 11 years. Paul was a very well liked Agent who had a passion for his job, locking up violent offenders. Paul had the ability to work with all law enforcement agencies. Paul played football in college and coached his church’s football team, thus his nickname “Coach.”

Paul will be really missed.”

Comments written on website about FBI Agent Paul Sorce.

Comment from stan | [e]
Time March 9, 2009 at 7:10 pm

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Paul for several years and he was a true professional who cared about others and wanted to make a difference in a troubled community. He will be missed-may God bless him!

Comment from gq | [e]
Time March 9, 2009 at 8:02 pm

I to had the pleasure of working with Paul “Coach” Sorce at Detroit’s Violent Crime Task Force. Never have I worked with a man of his character and commitment to his God, his Country and his Family. I will miss him as will the City of Detroit.

Comment from Scott | [e]
Time March 9, 2009 at 11:04 pm

I was and am honored to call Paul my friend and my partner. We were partnered together in Milwaukee’s VCFTF back in the ’90’s and I could not have asked for a better partner! Paul was a special man, filled with compassion, who loved his work, but more importantly loved his family. He was GOOD at what he did, and cared about the people we came into contact with every day. Paul and I taught one another many things during our time together and I will be forever grateful for our time together.
“Greater Love Hath No Man Than To Lay Down His Life For Others” – – GOD BLESS YOU PAUL, Shellie & I will miss you!

The Tough Ex-Secret Service Guy Who’s Going to Watch Our Money

Let’s just say if this guy’s no-nonsense looking mug is any indication of his toughness, we’re in good shape. This is a Herculean task.

Earl E. Devaney/gov photo

Earl E. Devaney/gov photo

New York Times
WASHINGTON – There is an alligator head in Earl E. Devaney’s office, with a tiny camera concealed inside. The covert pictures it snapped in a Louisiana bayou caught an Interior Department official on a fishing trip he had accepted as a bribe, but today the stuffed gator lives on as a toothy deterrent to corruption.

“When an assistant secretary comes in and asks about it, I tell that story and they get a little unnerved,” said Mr. Devaney, the inspector general for the Interior Department and the man President Obama has chosen to police the spending of the $787 billion stimulus package.

In 38 years of government service, Mr. Devaney, a hulking former college football lineman and Secret Service man, has been unnerving would-be miscreants. But now the Big Man, as Mr. Devaney’s colleagues call him, is taking on an incomparably bigger job, tracking a sum 50 times the agency’s annual budget as chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board – or as the irresistible acronym has it, RAT Board.

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Mexican President Calderon Says U.S. Consumer is Fueling Narco Trafficking

President Felipe Calderon

President Felipe Calderon

The French newspaper Le Monde sat down this week with the Mexican president for a Q and A. The president blamed President Bush for easing gun restrictions and said the American consumer was helping his country’s drug trade. It’s hard to argue over those points.

By Jean Pierre-Langellier and Joelle Stolz
Le Monde

Le Monde: Concerning the battle against drug trafficking, you said:

“It’s them or us!” One minister mentioned the possibility that the next Mexican president could be a “Narco.” Has the government lost control over a part of the country?

Mexican President Felipe Calderon: Of course not. Our efforts are specifically targeted to preserve the government’s authority, that is, its monopoly on the use of force, and also the authority of the law in the face of a phenomenon, which, it is true, had begun to spread to different regions. But there is not a single spot of national territory that eludes the government’s complete control. And we’ve preserved that control because we’ve acted in time and with great resolve.

Organized crime exerts pressure on the political authorities by cooptation, corruption and intimidation. There was a certain influence at the local and municipal level. Intervening now has allowed us to avoid having criminal action affect a higher echelon.

Who’s Responsible?

Rather than pointing out who’s to blame, it’s better to assume one’s responsibilities. Let’s talk about the causes. The first is the American consumer. If the United States were not the biggest drug market in the world, we wouldn’t have this problem.

And there’s also the arms trade. In two years, we’ve seized 33,000 weapons, 18,000 of them high caliber, rocket launchers, thousands of grenades, devices able to pierce armor plating. Now the overwhelming majority of this materiel had been purchased in the United States, including materiel which is the exclusive property of the American Army. In 2004, (the Bush administration) lifted the prohibition that had previously been in place against the sale of these very dangerous weapons.

There is another factor: the cartels’ modus operandi has changed. Before, they only transported drugs to the United States. Today, and this is a substantial change, they are trying to develop a domestic market and so need to control the territory and the life of entire communities.

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Editorial: New Orleans Paper Urges Obama to Keep U.S. Atty. Jim Letten

U.S. Atty. Jim Letten

U.S. Atty. Jim Letten

By New Orleans Times-Picayune

NEW ORLEANS — Residents across metro New Orleans appreciate the value of dedicated public servants like U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.

Under his leadership, the office has kept up a relentless war on public corruption and has helped local law enforcement agencies fight violent crime — particularly in New Orleans.

Those are vital efforts for our recovery, and the best way to ensure their continuity is for President Barack Obama to keep Mr. Letten on the job.

U.S. attorney posts, unfortunately, have generally been viewed as political plums. So whether Mr. Letten stays is in great part up to Louisiana power brokers in the Democratic Party.

Sen. Mary Landrieu, as the state’s senior senator and a Democrat, will have an important role in any decision. She voiced strong support for Mr. Letten in November, calling his work “outstanding” and saying she would meet with Democrats and Republicans about keeping him as U.S. attorney.

That was encouraging. It also was four months ago.

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Kenyan Prez Accepts FBI Offer to Help Investigate Murders of 2 Human Rights Workers

By Allan Lengel

The Guardian newspaper in London is reporting that the Kenyan prime minister Raila Odinga has accepted an offer from the FBI to help probe the murders of two human rights workers.

The human rights workers, Oscar Kamau Kingara and Paul Oulo,  who were highly critical of police killings, were shot to death last Thursday when gunmen blocked their car on a street in Nairobi, the paper said. Some have been speculating that police were involved.

“Officers from FBI are engaged to work alongside the Kenya police in carrying out investigations,” the paper quoted the prime minister as saying. “In the perception of the people, police themselves are an accomplice.”

The Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights has called for an independent probe.