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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Dirty Bomb Parts Found in Home of Man Shot by Wife

This comes under the category of “pretty darn scary”. The story was first reported by, an online magazine which covers and blogs on current events.

By Walter Griffin
Bangor Daily News
BELFAST, Maine – James G. Cummings, who police say was shot to death by his wife two months ago, allegedly had a cache of radioactive materials in his home suitable for building a “dirty bomb.”
According to an FBI field intelligence report from the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center posted online by WikiLeaks, an organization that posts leaked documents, an investigation into the case revealed that radioactive materials were removed from Cummings’ home after his shooting death on Dec. 9.
The report posted on the WikiLeaks Web site states that “On 9 December 2008, radiological dispersal device components and literature, and radioactive materials, were discovered at the Maine residence of an identified deceased [person] James Cummings.”
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U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to Stay on the Job in Chicago

By Allan Lengel and Jon Perkins
WASHINGTON — As expected, Chicago’s U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald will stay on the job even though he’s a Bush appointee.
NBC’s Pete Williams reported that Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) recommended that the newly minted Atty. Gen. Eric Holder keep Fitzgerald.
NBC reported that the suggestion was “positively received”, according to Durbin’s office and the Justice Department.
In the past, presidents have replaced all 93 U.S. Attorneys. But President Obama has indicated that some Republican-appointed U.S. Attorneys might stay on.
In the halls of the Justice Department, there had long been speculation that Fitzgerald would either stay on as U.S. Attorney in Chicago or get a high-ranking job at the Justice Department.
Fitzgerald, 48,  has prosecuted a number of high profile cases. As a special prosecutor temporarily on assignment in Washington, he convicted Scooter Libby. More recently, he filed public corruption charges against the now ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.
Around the country, the native New Yorker is regarded as a “prosecutor’s prosecutor” among his peers.  Bush appointed him U.S. Attorney in 2001.

FBI Turns to Foreign Press To Help Capture Boston Mobster “Whitey” Bulger

"Whitey" BulgerFBI Agent Richard Teahan at briefing

FBI Agent Richard Teahan at briefing/Bulger photo above

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON – The FBI wants to capture Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger badly.
Correction. Make that very badly.
On Tuesday, the agency took things up a notch and invited the foreign press in Washington for a briefing on Bulger, 79, who’s wanted for a host of crimes including 19-counts of murder. Agents suspect Bulger has been living overseas and stashed money  where he could have easy access.
“We’re hoping again we can reach people around the world and just make Whitey Bulger more of a household name like he is in Boston,” said Gail A. Marcinkiewicz, the FBI’s Boston spokeswoman, who attended the briefing at the Washington Foreign Press Center . “We’re trying to get Whitey Bulger’s name out there.”
Boston FBI agent Richard Teahan briefed the small group of reporters who showed up – less than a half dozen– and provided details about the gangster including allegations by women who said they were molested by him as children. The agency also distributed photos, videos and audio tapes of Bulger, who is definitely a household name in the Boston area and is on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted List along with Osama bin Laden.
Agent Marcinkiewicz said Bulger has been on the lam since 1995, and his last confirmed location was London in 2002. The FBI is offering a $2 million reward for information leading to his arrest.


NYPD Counterterrorism Unit Thinks and Acts Globally

People expect big things from New York. The police department’s counterterrorism unit doesn’t disappoint with it’s global reach.

By Christopher Dickey

In sweltering Mumbai last November, two days after the terrorist rampage that killed or wounded more than 500 people, some odd figures joined the alphabet soup of agencies investigating the atrocity-three New York City police detectives. In 2005 other American cops looked at bomb detonators with Scotland Yard after the London tube bombings. Still others turned up in Madrid after its own train attacks in 2004, and several times in Jerusalem after suicide bombings there.
The cops showed up because David Cohen, the spymaster of the NYPD, sent them.
A former director of clandestine operations for the Central Intelligence Agency, Cohen wants his own people seeing up close and right away the warning signs-he calls them signatures-that might have revealed a terrorist operation taking shape.
And if the FBI, the CIA or any other federal agency objects to the NYPD making the world its beat, Cohen doesn’t really care.
“Listen to this,” he told me one morning at his office at police headquarters in downtown Manhattan. “We got a report from the FBI on the Madrid bombing which was terrific, it was great … It was f—ing 18 months later!” He drank from a mug with the eagle-and compass seal of the CIA on it. “They tried the best they could.”

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NASA Scientist Gets 5 Years Probation For Having Child Porn on Work Computer

The NASA scientist caught a lucky break getting 5 years of probation. He remains on a paid leave while the agency reviews the case. The Baltimore City Paper raises some interesting questions about the case in this report.

By Van Smith
Alfred B Schultz/photo ssed

Alfred B Schultz/photo ssed

Baltimore City Paper
Alfred B. Schultz told City Paper in early January, after he was charged for viewing child pornography on his National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) computer (Mobtown Beat, Jan. 8), “I don’t know what happened . . . I may have done some of it, I don’t remember.”
The planetary scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center sounded genuinely in the dark about what prompted the charge, which accused him of breaking a NASA regulation, not a sex crime.
Days later, on Jan. 10, Schultz signed an agreement to plead guilty, thereby admitting that facts in the case are true. The plea agreement [see redacted document below*] states that Schultz’s illegal behavior was observed last August by agents of the NASA Office of the Inspector General who were monitoring Schultz’s computer as he visited “dozens of websites containing images depicting nude children, children posed in sexually explicit poses, and children engaged in sexual activity.” Two of the images Schultz accessed “belonged to photographic series of known child victims,” the plea agreement states.
On Feb. 4, Schultz’s agreement was brought before U.S. District Court magistrate judge Jillyn K Schulze, who accepted it on Feb. 6 and sentenced Schultz to five years of probation. Schulze declined to explain her decision to City Paper.
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FBI Agents Raid Ga. Peanut Processing Plant Linked to Salmonella

That such a product so beloved by Americans could become a symbol of death is unthinkable. The FBI is now working the case.

Associated Press
WASHINGTON – Federal agents on Monday raided a Georgia peanut processing plant linked to the nationwide salmonella outbreak that has prompted one of the largest product recalls in U.S. history.
The FBI executed search warrants at both the plant in Blakely, Ga., and at Peanut Corp. of America’s headquarters in Lynchburg, Va., according to a senior congressional aide with knowledge of the raids. The official spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.
The plant has been identified as the source of the salmonella that has sickened hundreds and killed as many as eight people.
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Philly FBI Agent Shoots and Kills Man During Undercover Investigation

The shooting stunned the neighborhood in Northeast Philly.

PHILADELPHIA — A FBI agent fatally shot a man during an undercover investigation in Northeast Philadelphia Monday afternoon.
The shooting happened in the 900 block of Borbeck Avenue in the city’s Fox Chase section at about 3:00 p.m.
According to reports, the FBI and the Major Crimes Unit of Philadelphia were doing undercover surveillance as part of an investigation into bank robberies.
Sources said the suspect under surveillance, 48-year-old Daniel Trinsey, exited his girlfriend’s home and pulled out a replica of a Glock. FBI agents, believing the gun was real, instructed him to drop the weapon, but investigators said he refused.
An agent fired several shots, fatally wounding Trinsey on the front lawn.
Sources said Trinsey had a long criminal history and served seven years in prison for a bank robbery.
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Former Orioles Shortstop Miguel Tejada Charged With Lying to Congressional Investigators

The charges come as the feds continue to look into Roger Clemens and his use of performance-enhancing drugs. Tejada, who now plays for the Houston Astros, is expected to plead guilty.

By Del Quentin Wilber and Dave Sheinin
Washington Post Staff Writer
WASHINGTON — Former Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada was charged today with lying to Congressional investigators about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball.
Federal prosecutors accused Tejada of making misrepresentations to Congressional staffers during an interview in a Baltimore hotel room focusing on the prevalence of steroids in the game.
The charge came in “a criminal information,” a document that can only be filed with the defendant’s consent and usually signals a plea deal is near. Tejada, who now plays for the Houston Astros, is scheduled to appear at 11 a.m. tomorrow in U.S. District Court in Washington, court officials said.
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