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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

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Nine Muslims Pulled Off Flight at Reagan National Airport

The endless battle of balancing constitutional rights and security continues. Here’s the latest from Reagan National Airport, a popular hub for Congress.

By Amy Gardner
Washington Post Staff Writer
WASHINGTON — Officials ordered nine Muslim passengers, including three young children, off an AirTran flight headed to Orlando from Reagan National Airport yesterday afternoon after two other passengers overheard what they thought was a suspicious remark.
Members of the party, all but one of them U.S.-born citizens who were headed to a religious retreat in Florida, were subsequently cleared for travel by FBI agents who characterized the incident as a misunderstanding, an airport official said. But the passengers said AirTran refused to rebook them, and they had to pay for seats on another carrier secured with help from the FBI.
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Kevin Bacon: Less Than Six Degrees of Separation Between Him and Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madhoff figured out how to bring home the bacon.

Kevin Bacon/flixster

By Peter Cohan

Actor Kevin Bacon famous for the six degrees of separation theory — that is, Kevin Bacon is connected by film role to every actor through at most six other actors. For instance, Bacon was a guest on NBC’s Will and Grace when Will said to Bacon, “You did a movie with Val Kilmer?” and Bacon replied, “No, but Val was in Top Gun with Tom Cruise, and Tom was in A Few Good Men with me. Huh, that was a short one.”
Why am I talking about this? Bernie Madoff, who claims he stole $50 billion from investors around the world in a Ponzi scheme, is a mere one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick. New York magazine reports that the two “lost everything except for their checking accounts and the land they own” thanks to Madoff.
How did Bacon get sucked into the Madoff network? I don’t know. It could have been through his Hollywood connections — after all Steven Speilberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg are among the other Madoff victims and it would surprise me if Bacon didn’t know them.
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Cong. Jefferson’s Atty. Wants to Use Email to Hunt Down Nigerian V.P.’s Wife

Rep. William Jefferson appears to be willing to go to all ends of the earth to track down witnesses for his case. That’s what it may take.

By Bruce Alpert
New Orleans Times-Picayune
WASHINGTON — Attorneys for outgoing Rep. William Jefferson on Wednesday asked the judge in his bribery case for permission to use e-mail to help hunt down a key witness: one of the four wives of a former Nigerian vice president.
In the latest strange development in the Jefferson case, his attorneys said in a brief that they have been unable to deliver subpoenas to Jennifer Douglas Abubakar at her Potomac, Md., home or at her residence in Nigeria. Jennifer Abubakar in 2005 was listed as one of four wives to Nigeria’s then-vice president, Atiku Abubakar.
Jefferson’s attorneys said they have been told she is now “primarily based” in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, although they haven’t gotten a specific address. Nor has there been any explanation about why she’s living in Dubai.
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