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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for January 19th, 2009

One Day to Go: Feds Ready for Inauguration Armed With High Tech Equipment

Federal authorities are seemingly prepared for the inauguration. But they know they can’t be prepared for everything. Whatever the case: One more day til showtime.

By Josh Meyer
Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON — As the multitudes arrive for the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, the most high-tech security bubble ever created is in place to protect the president-elect from any foreseeable act of nature or man.
But authorities say they still dread the “X factor” – intangibles that they cannot control and that could panic the huge crowd.
At the top of that list, they say, is the individual or small group who could slip through the intelligence and security net and fire a burst of gunfire or set off an explosion.
The chance of that is considered extremely unlikely. Law enforcement and intelligence officials say they have seen nothing to suggest the president-elect or his inauguration are being targeted.
Still, they say, no one can know for sure.
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FEMA All a Twitter Over Twitter

Federal agencies are going to need to figure out all the cutting-edge ways to communicate to the public. Here’s the latest illustration that  it’s starting.

Chris Battle

Chris Battle

WASHINGTON —  On Monday, FEMA Administrator David Paulison participated in a citizens’ news conference on the social media Website Twitter.
And, yes, that’s the news. It was, I believe, an unprecedented step for a U.S. government agency. Sure, the Administrator had a message, which we’ll get to, but the very fact that Paulison is embracing social media tools speaks volumes about the positive direction of the agency in terms of public communication and transparency. For an organization that is responsible for coordinating action during times of crisis and for pro-actively communicating with the public about those actions, this is a heartening step.

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