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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for December 25th, 2008

Pardon the Pardon: Bush Giveth and Bush Taketh Away the Pardon

This is one way to avoid a Marc Rich-Clinton like pardon. Yank the pardon before you get hell.

By Agence France-Press
WASHINGTON – US President George W. Bush on Wednesday rescinded his pardon announced a day earlier of a New York real estate developer, the White House said, after new information came to light about the man accused of fleecing hundreds of homebuyers.
Isaac Toussie was one of 19 people whose names were put forward Tuesday for clemency by the outgoing president.
“Based on information that has subsequently come to light, the president has directed the pardon attorney not to execute and deliver a grant of clemency to Mr. Toussie,” the White House said in a statement.
It did not provide details on the new “information,” but said “the pardon attorney has not provided a recommendation on Mr. Toussie’s case because it was filed less than five years from completion of his sentence.”
Toussie pleaded guilty in 2001 to making false statements about mortgage applications and lying to federal officials, and the following year pleaded guilty to mail fraud relating to the purchase of a plot of land in Brooklyn by a county government in New York.
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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from

Justice Dept. I.G. Glenn Fine Wins National Law Journal Award

Glenn Fine/doj photo

Glenn Fine/doj photo

If you want to be loved by everyone, don’t become an Inspector General. Folks on the outside constantly want you to crack things wide open. People on the inside avoid you like you’re Bernie Madoff’s best friend.

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON — The Justice Department’s internal watchdog won the National Law Journal’s top honor Monday for targeting Bush administration actions that cast doubt on the department’s political independence.
Inspector General Glenn A. Fine was named “Lawyer of the Year.”
The newspaper said Fine’s investigations into White House political meddling and mismanagement by former Justice officials has helped restore the fierce independence that was once the department’s trademark.
“During a year in which the Justice Department’s reputation suffered one black eye after another _ largely because of politicization of a number of its functions _ Fine and the team he has assembled in the past eight years emerged as beacons of nonpartisanship and independence,” the newspaper said.

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