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Archive for November 9th, 2008

Bronx Cop Accused of Being Part Of A Stickup Crew That Robbed Dope Dealers

Jorge Arbaje-Diaz, a N.Y. cop working in the Bronx, decided to use his badge to earn a little extra doe the old fashion, but illegal way: by robbing dope dealers. Last week, the feds arrested him on robbery charges.

By Kati Cornell, John Doyle and Aliyah Shahid
New York Post
NEW YORK — It was the ultimate “betrayal.”
An NYPD officer brazenly used his uniform, badge and department-issued gun to help a violent drug robbery gang while on the clock – and also moonlighted for the crew in his spare time, federal prosecutors charged yesterday.
“This is the highest form of betrayal,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said of Officer Jorge Arbaje-Diaz.
“This officer is going to have to bear the consequences of these despicable acts.”
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Mexican Authorities Face Gun Fire While Arresting Drug Lord

Mexican authorities working with U.S. law enforcement have been making some big-time drug arrests in Mexico lately. Will it make a dent in the drug war?

Jeremy Roebuck and Ana Ley
The Monitor
REYNOSA, Mexico – Mexican authorities came under attack Friday as they arrested the purported head of Gulf Cartel operations in Reynosa and tried to fly him out of the city, U.S. law enforcement officials said.
Federal police found Jaime “El Hummer” González Durán just after 1:30 p.m. during raids on three buildings in and around the city.
But as they drove him to the airport outside Reynosa, their convoy encountered several gunmen who opened fire on the federal officers.
A brief shootout erupted between the two groups, but Mexican officials managed to put González on a plane to Mexico City, according to U.S. authorities who work for both federal and local agencies engaged in combating border crime.
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