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Archive for November 7th, 2008

D.C. Federal Magistrate Judge’s Son Charged With Intent to Distribute Heroin

Some how getting charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin seems like a much bigger deal when your mother (pictured in photo) is a federal magistrate judge in Washington.

Judge Deborah Robinson/photo beverly rezneck

By Jeffrey Anderson
Baltimore City Paper
BALTIMORE — U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein filed a criminal complaint on Nov. 7 charging 21-year-old Morgan State University student Phillip Robinson Winkfield with possession with intent to distribute heroin.
Winkfield’s mother is Washington, D.C., federal magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson, whose 20-year career behind the bench has brought numerous luminaries before her as defendants, from drug lords and an NBA star to high-level White House officials and a former D.C. mayor (“Just Family,” Mobtown Beat, May 15).
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Rumors Run Rampant About Who Will Become Atty. Gen.

Eric Holder

Eric Holder

Gov. Napolitano

Gov. Napolitano

By Allan Lengel
WASHINGTON — Rumors as to who will become the new Attorney General are flowing in this town like after-work beers at the legendary Tune Inn bar on Capitol Hill.
Names being mentioned in the media and by law enforcement  sources include: Eric Holder, a former U.S. Attorney and deputy Attorney General under Clinton; Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano; Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a former assistant U.S. Attorney; and Rep. Arthur Davis (D-Ala.). There is also talk that Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who is on  President-elect Obama’s economic transition team,   could be a dark horse candidate.
Meanwhile, change is certainly in the air . Some may call it angst.
Short-timer Atty. Gen. Michael Mukasey announced that his chief of staff Brian Benczkowski and Lee Lofthus, assistant Attorney General for adminstration, will lead the internal transition activities.
Mukasey also announced the resignation on Friday of  Assistant Attorney General Thomas O. Barnett of the Antitrust Division.
Mukasey, in a statement about Barnett said: “Under his leadership, the Antitrust Division has increased cartel enforcement to record levels with unprecedented fines and prison sentences, improved the efficiency and efficacy of its merger enforcement, and enhanced cooperation with our foreign counterparts.”
David Ogen, former chief of staff under Atty. Gen. Janet Reno , is leading the transition team for Justice for the Obama camp.

Ex. Gov. Spitzer Off The Hook In Hooker Scandal

Ex. N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose libido and appetite for pricey hookers strangled his promising career, won’t be charged in the prostitute scandal after all.

By Tom Hays and Adam Goldman
Associated Press
NEW YORK — Federal prosecutors announced Thursday that they will not bring criminal charges against Eliot Spitzer for having sex with prostitutes, removing a legal cloud that has surrounded the former governor since his epic downfall eight months ago.
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said that investigators found no evidence that Spitzer misused public or campaign funds for prostitution, meaning prosecutors had very little ammunition in bringing a case. The federal government typically does not prosecute clients of prostitution rings.
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See Spitzer’s Resignation In March 2008


Hackers Hacked Into Obama And McCain Computers

Hackers apparently knew no bounds in the 2008 campaign.

By Newsweek
The computer systems of both the Obama and McCain campaigns were victims of a sophisticated cyberattack by an unknown “foreign entity,” prompting a federal investigation, NEWSWEEK reports today.
At the Obama headquarters in midsummer, technology experts detected what they initially thought was a computer virus-a case of “phishing,” a form of hacking often employed to steal passwords or credit-card numbers. But by the next day, both the FBI and the Secret Service came to the campaign with an ominous warning: “You have a problem way bigger than what you understand,” an agent told Obama’s team.

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