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Archive for November 1st, 2008

Tax Protestors Conspired To Undermine Trial And Get Federal Judge Arrested

This , as they say, is one for the books.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
MINNEAPOLIS — The strange saga of Robert Beale didn’t exactly end last month with his 11-year sentence for fraud and tax evasion. Another chapter concluded Monday when Beale and two other tax protesters were found guilty of conspiracy to impede an officer and obstruction of justice.
A federal jury convicted Beale, 65, Frederick Bond, 63, and John Pelton, 67, of trying to prevent U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery from presiding over a criminal trial — namely, Beale’s — “by force, intimidation and threat.” Another man, Norman Pool, pleaded guilty last month to one count of conspiracy to impede an officer.
Prosecutors said the four men held a “common law court” to issue false liens and fictitious arrest warrants against Montgomery.
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Administration Rejecting FBI Pleas For More Agents To Investigate Financial Mess

Is the Bush administration falling short in probing the financial mess? Some say yes.

By Paul Shukovsky and Daniel Lathrop
Seattle P-I Reporters
The Bush administration is rejecting FBI pleas for more agents to investigate crimes that helped trigger the global financial meltdown, bureau sources said this week.
“They are bogged down big-time or there would be some indictments by now,” said a recently retired bureau official who played a pivotal role in setting FBI policy after 9/ 11.
The FBI’s response to the meltdown stands in sharp contrast to past financial crises, he said. “There are three comparable things … the S&L crisis, corporate fraud like Enron and health care fraud. There was a clear, well-delineated effort there. I don’t see it here.”
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Homeland Security Surveillance System In Cook County Could Be Worthless

Homeland Security Could Have Thrown out $40 million in Illinois.

Dave Savini
CHICAGO (CBS) – It’s called Project Shield and will cost you more than $40 million when it’s done, leaving U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for a countywide high-tech surveillance program. So why is the homeland security project busted?
Police sources told CBS 2’s Dave Savini that taxpayers got ripped off and that all the cameras and software in the world are meaningless if they don’t work.
CBS 2 Investigators sifted through government contracts and confidential emails revealing how Project Shield’s pot of money was dished out. The trail led to bankrupt companies, phony addresses and falsified documents — not the words you want to hear when talking about terrorism and your tax dollars.
Project Shield continues to be touted as a state-of-the-art video surveillance system. Federal tax dollars paid for it to be installed in squad cars and on towers throughout Cook County.
“It’s a waste of taxpayer money,” said East Hazel Crest Police Chief Ray Robertson. “I can’t get it to work on a daily basis.”
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