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How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Archive for September 26th, 2008

Man Charged With Fibbing To Judge About Cancer

BOSTON — A former executive at the Biopure Corp. of Cambridge was charged Wednesday with lying to a federal judge about having cancer, the Justice Department said.

Howard P. Richman, 57, of Pearland, Tex., was charged with falsely telling a federal judge that he had colon cancer to get out of participating in a civil case brought against him by the Security Exchange Commission, the Justice Department said.

If convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

FBI Probes Las Vegas Homeowners Associations

In Las Vegas, there’s more than blackjack and poker going on — at least that’s what the FBI suspects. Agents are looking into suspicious links between homeowners associations and construction companies and lawyers.

By Adrienne Packer
Las Vegas Review-Journal
LAS VEGAS — In its sweeping investigation into homeowners associations, the federal government is digging up documents and correspondence related to association board members, attorneys and construction companies, according to a search warrant issued in the probe.
During searches of seven common-interest communities governed by homeowners associations, FBI agents sought ballot lists, ballots, envelopes and nomination forms.
Authorities are investigating whether individuals were planted on homeowners association boards to funnel business stemming from construction defect lawsuits to certain attorneys and construction companies.
Authorities are investigating whether individuals were planted on homeowners association boards to funnel business stemming from construction defect lawsuits to certain attorneys and construction companies.
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Zalmai Azmi To Retire From FBI

By Ben Bain
Government Leader News
Zalmai Azmi, the FBI’s chief information officer who has directed the bureau’s massive information technology upgrade projects for almost five years, announced today that he will be retiring from the government Oct. 17.
Azmi, a native of Afghanistan who has spent 24 years working for the federal government, said he was retiring to spend more time with his wife and three young children. Azmi said he was considering several opportunities in private industry but had not made any decision on where he would be going.

Bomb-Resistant Luggage Containers Could Boost Safety

Air travel could get a little safer if airplanes start using bomb-resistant Kevlar luggage containers. But the TSA says it won’t buy them because Congress hasn’t provided funding and it won’t require airlines to have them, at least not yet.

Thomas Frank
USA Today
WASHINGTON — The government is considering the first bomb-resistant luggage container that could prevent a small suitcase bomb from crashing a jet.
A new 5-foot-by-5-foot Kevlar container holds dozens of suitcases and can protect large planes from small suitcase bombs that slip past airport luggage scanners, said Howard Fleisher, deputy director of the Homeland Security Department’s Transportation Security Lab.
Suitcase bombs have worried aviation officials since one blew up Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The bombs can get past security when they have explosive material that’s too small to trigger an alarm from a luggage scanner.
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FBI Agents Arrest Arkansas Evangelist in Arizona

An evangelist didn’t have a prayer of eluding FBI agents Thursday. He was arrested in Arizona in connection with a sex scandal.

By The Associated Press
FLAGSTAFF, Az. – FBI agents on Thursday arrested evangelist Tony Alamo at an Arizona motel, alleging he transported minors across state lines for sexual purposes.
Alamo was staying at a hotel in Flagstaff, Ariz., when arrested, said FBI spokesman Steve Frazier in Little Rock.
The religious leader – who began his career as a California street preacher in 1966 – was scheduled for a federal court appearance Friday in Flagstaff.
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FBI Investigating Obama Incident In Oregon

Sen. Obama/senate photo

Sen. Obama/senate photo

Presidential campaigns always seem to get nasty and this one is no different. The feds are looking into an incident in which Sen. Barack Obama was hanged in effigy at a university in Oregon. Just who is behind it isn’t clear.

By Wade Nkrumah
The Oregonian
PORTLAND, Ore. — The Federal Bureau of Investigation began looking Thursday into an incident in which presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama was hanged in effigy at George Fox University.
Beth Anne Steele, spokeswoman with the Portland office of the FBI, confirmed the agency has launched a preliminary investigation into Tuesday’s incident at the Newberg campus.
“We will take a look at the information that is out there and determine whether or not there’s a potential violation of federal law,” she said.
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